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Suvarna Vriksha Plan
Nowadays, with fluctuating gold prices, it has become very difficult to At the time of registration, the member must produce a photo identity purchase gold jewellery of your choice. Usually, you end up buying less than you want. But now, you can buy more than what you have planned for. Forever introduces ‘Suvarna Vriksha’, where you invest and accumulate gold credit on a monthly basis, and convert it into gold or diamond jewellery on completion.
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What is ‘Suvarna Vriksha’?

Suvarna Vriksha
is a method of investing a fixed sum at regular intervals -- very similar to regular saving schemes.

A Suvarna Vriksha account allows you to buy gold on a given date every month, so that you can implement an investment / saving plan for yourself. Once you have decided on the target amount you want to invest every month, you must ensure that the monthly investment is made regularly, paid by cash, cheque or demand draft.

What is the plan all about ?
- Every month, you commit to invest, say Rs. 2,000 in your account.
- At the end of a year, you would have invested Rs. 24,000 in your account.
- Let's say, the 22kt GOLD RATE on the day you invest in the first month is Rs. 1390. So, 1.43 grams of gold will be credited in your account.
- The following month, suppose the gold rate is Rs. 1350. That month, more gold (1.48 grams) would be accumulated in your account.
- At the end of the year, an average of 17.6 grams will be accumulated in your account. Thus, you will be eligible for an amount in terms of its value in weight of gold (the prevailing gold rate will be applicable on the date of redemption).

i.e., If the gold rate at the end of the year is Rs. 1500, then you will be eligible for 17.6gms (1500 x 17.6 = Rs. 26400).

In addition to this, we will offer an additional bonus of Rs. 1200/- on the completion of the term.

Hence , the total accumulated amount will be: Rs. 26400 + 1200 (bonus) = Rs 27600, against your total investment of Rs. 24,000.

This means, at the end of the year, you can buy gold / diamond jewellery worth Rs. 27600, including the making and VAT charges.

Advantage of Suvarna Vriksha.
Convenience: Automatic investment of pre-set amount regularly.
Lower risk: Suvarna Vriksha turns the volatility of the fluctuating gold rates to your advantage.
Higher returns: You invest less, and gain more at the end of the year, unlike any other gold jewellery schemes .
Bonus: Not only will you be accumulating gold, but also will be eligible for a bonus on maturity.
Disciplined savings: Suvarna Vriksha prompts & enables you to invest before you spend.

How is it different from other plans?
All jewellery saving schemes give you the option of purchasing gold only on maturity, at the prevailing market rate. With the upward trend in gold prices, they give you a limited option of purchasing gold.

You invest monthly installments, which are converted in terms of value into weight of gold. It’s a unique plan where you virtually purchase gold every month, which gets accumulated in your account, and its value is redeemed on due date.

How is Suvarna Vriksha more beneficial than any other Traditional Jewellery Saving Schemes available in the market?

In traditional jewellery saving schemes, you get a benefit / bonus of a fixed amount as a free installment, on maturity. And you buy gold jewellery at the prevailing rate on that day.

With gold rates steadily increasing in the past 3 years, and in the current economic scenario, Suvarna Vriksha offers an amount equal to the value of accumulated gold (weight) in your account, at the then prevailing gold rate. Hence, the returns at any time are higher than any other 4000 jewellery saving schemes.

In Suvarna Vriksha, you buy gold on a monthly basis. This gives you the benefit of buying increased weight of gold when the gold rate is low. Hence, you accumulate higher values of gold than what you buy on the maturity of other saving schemes.

How you can invest in Suvarna Vriksha?

In the Suvarna Vriksha, the monthly conversion of your installments into gold makes you eligible for purchasing gold on a monthly basis, and getting it accumulated in your account.

How do I pay?
You can remit your installments in cash, at the cash counters of the respective showrooms where you initially open the account. We also accept cheques and DD’s .

How long do I have to pay?
The scheme is for a period of 12 months, 18 months and 24 months.

How much do I have to pay?
You can start your monthly installment with a minimum amount of Rs. 1000, and in multiples of Rs. 500.

What if I discontinue?
Cash will not be refunded under the plan. You can purchase gold or diamond jewellery for the accumulated weight of gold. You will not be eligible for any bonus if you discontinue.

Can I gift jewellery by investing in the Suvarna Vriksha?
redemption). What is the plan all about ? Yes, you can plan well in advance, to gift gold / diamond jewellery to your loved ones. Gifting hallmarked jewellery will always be appreciated by your friends and family.

How do I stand to benefit?
You will be benefited by the amount of bonus added to your account on maturity. The higher the installment, the higher the bonus you will be eligible for.

Monthly Installment Bonus Bonus Bonus
  12 months 18 months 24 months
500 300 500 1000
1000 600 1000 2000
2000 1200 2000 4000
3000 1800 3000 6000
4000 2400 4000 8000
5000 3000 5000 10000

Payment Procedure For Suvarna Vriksha.
Forever will handle the money deposited by the members registered under the scheme.

Forever will provide a separate passbook to each member registered under the scheme.

Each deposit will be Identified through a unique Customer ID.

The Scheme's accumulated value will be considered valid only at the establishment where the Scheme is registered.

At the time of registration, the member must produce a photo identity proof of the nominations given in the enrolment form.

Forever will maintain the complete customer tracking sheet, with hard copies submitted.

Whenever a member pays the installment, the entry of payment should be made in the membership book.

Terms and Conditions:
- Monthly installment(s) should be paid by Cash/ Demand Draft / Cheque in favour of the respective showroom.
- The monthly installments are mandatory to be paid within10 days of your enrolment date, which is the last due date for every month.
- Members should ensure that the payments made by them are correctly entered in their membership books, and any discrepancies should be immediately brought to the notice of relevant authorities, for rectification.
- Jewellery purchased under this scheme will be subject to labour, making charges, wastages, sales tax / VAT, etc., as applicable.
- If any member wishes to pre-pay all the installments, the benefit of bonus will be given to him / her only at the time of maturity. The bonus will not be redeemed before the date of maturity.
- In case of default / late payment in any of the installments, the bonus calculation will be deferred / reduced by the number and value of installments defaulted upon.
- Any disputes shall be subject to the Ahmedabad jurisdiction only.
- The maturity value will be calculated in Indian Rupees only. The maturity date will be calculated on the basis of the first installment received by the customer under the Suvarna Vriksha scheme, taking into account any late payments by the customer.
- In case of any change in existing laws, rules, acts, etc., by any regulatory authority, the customer is expected to comply with their requirements.
- This scheme is not valid for purchasing Gold Coin, Gold Lagdi or any 24 Carat item.
- The Suvarna Vriksha scheme will not be clubbed with any other offer running in the shop.
- By signing the Enrolment Form, you agree that you have read all the above Terms and Conditions that govern the Suvarna Vriksha scheme, and accept them.

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